Jay OM aka Journey, Omsphere, Sonic Wave Control, The Wayfarers, Milan born and London based DJ & Producer, Giampiero 'Jay' Mastino, label manager of Free-Spirit Records.

Jay forged his earliest psychedelic-rock influences playing guitar in local bars in Milan. His romance with the decks began in the late 80's whilst working for a local radio station where he was given the opportunity to spin his first record. This love firmly in place the move to London followed in 1998. Soon thereafter he started djing professionally as Jay OM and in 2003 he studied Sound Engineering and Music Technology and began a solo production project under the name Journey. In 2004, Jay conceived the vision of a network of like-minded artists in the psy-trance, progressive and ambient genres, all working to promote themselves and each other under one banner. Thus the Free-Spirit label was born... originally intended to focus on artist management, the label's skyrocketing success combined with the enthusiasm of Jay, the artists and fans enabled Free-Spirit to outgrow its horizons becoming one of the strongest and healthiest electronic multi genres record labels.

In 2009 he started a psychedelic progressive side project called Omsphere, in 2011 a Tribal Progressive project called Sonic Wave Control and in 2015 a collaborative project with Imry called The Wayfarers.

Since then Jay has played all around the world in almost 30 different countries on 5 continents, he released 4 solo albums, two as Journey, ‘The Man Who Sold The Time’ in 2007 and ‘Through The Mirror’ in 2011, one as Sonic Wave Control called ‘Sixth Sense’ and one as Omsphere in 2013 called ‘K’ag Bak’tun’. He is currently closed in studio working on his third Journey album called ‘Limitless’ which will be unleashed at the beginning of 2017. He has released several EPs and tracks in different record labels under his different artists project names, he has also compiled Various Artists Compilations Free-Spirit Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 5, Vol 6 and Vol 7, Reawakening Vol. 2 and Vol. 3.

Several years ago Jay started a mastering company called Killah Mastering specialised in arranging, mixing and mastering for different artists and genres in the music industry. To date he has mastered almost all the 64 Free-Spirit Records releases since 2005.

Jay is also a very successful party promoter, has been holding Free-Spirit Records Label Parties around the world, doing Implosion parties for 8 years and since 2012 has been the driving force behind one the most acclaimed London fiestas, ‘Tribal Village A Psychedelic Adventure…’